We believe the wave of tech and business model disruption has only just begun. The uncertainty, the unknown capabilities of great minds is what intrigues us to do the work we do.

We are experienced serial entrepreneurs who have built several ICT companies.
We have tried both to succeed and to fail, and we are ready to use our experience to work hands-on with your startup.

Combining our beliefs, curiosity and experience, we have built the most dedicated and tailored accelerator program for ICT startups in Europe, probably in the world.

Unlike most other accelerator programs, we invest our time and resources in your startup - without taking any equity in return.

Our program is a part of the Scale-Up Denmark initiative.
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What you get

  • An experienced serial entrepreneur who works dedicated with you at least one full day per week.
  • Camps where you get intensive training designed to maximize your potential.
  • Experienced help with fundraising and introduction to leading venture capital and angels in Scandinavia
  • Test technology, customers etc. in collaboration with our corporate partners e.g. Maersk and get access to their know-how and expertise
  • Facilitation of meetings with our wide network of businesses for you to explore collaboration opportunities, mergers or strategic investments.
  • Opportunity to receive seed or series A funding from our own Accelerace Invest fund
  • A Founders pack with resources and tools worth EUR 50.000+


Who can apply?

We have many beliefs, but we have tried to make a brief summary of the most basic ones for your reference:

  • The right team. You must have minimum two full-time founders that are 100% focused on the startup. The match of competencies must be minimum one with a business perspective and one that is able to build the first version of the product. This, combined with strong industry insights. 
  • You must be able to receive coaching and mentoring in English, and all of your key team members must own equity.
  • A big enough problem in a big enough market. You need to present some validation of the problem you are trying to solve, and we need to see how this can become a scaling company able to attract minimum a Series-A round.
  • It has to be more than just an idea. Think of it as a qualified pitch presentation to get investors interested in your startup. You must have a proof-of-concept or a MVP (minimum viable product), but we strongly prefer if you already have a product on the market.


Things we do not believe in:

“Time for money” business models, i.e. consultancies.
Business models where the sales cycle is longer than 12 months, i.e. tender sales.
Too little tech involved. The tech needs to be a significant part of the value proposition.

Terms in short:

Even though the program will be individualized, we still have a term-sheet / framework for us to collaborate within. In short:

We are extremely committed to helping your startup, and we expect you to be equally committed to the program. Doing this, we create the best circumstances for us to move mountains together during the program.

The program is split in two sprints, and we preserve the right to discontinue our collaboration after Sprint I, if we find there is no match.


How it works 

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 ApostropheThe program was an effective accelerator and a good introduction to relevant business partners and approaches. In particular, the dedicated mentor and the structured approach to testing commercial hypothesis during the program were key for the breakthrough of Transporteca. 

Morten Lærkholm, CEO Transporteca.

Get more information about the screening process in this video with Accelerace business accelerator and investor David Ventzel here:


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